Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 1 EOC: New Business Pitch

My new business pitch will be using left over "garbage" as fertilizer for your garden. Coffee grounds are become neutral once used and lose some acidic value. They do still have a purpose and help the garden in several ways as repellents. The caffeine has a negative response to slugs which keeps them away. It is also good for repelling cats and keeping them from using your plants as a litter box. The coffee grounds need to be mixed in with the soil and not just thrown on top for the full affect. Next up are eggshells. After you crack your eggs for your morning breakfast, keep the shells on the side, rinse them off well and let air dry. You then grind them up to a basic powder form. The eggshells contain alot of calcium and help well with tomato plants and the blossom ends from rotting. Banana peels come in handy when it comes to rosebushes. The potassium and nutrients help the roses to bloom and last longer. The peels can also be used as a bug trap by mixing the peels with vinegar and leaving outside for bugs to come towards the trap and get stuck in it.

Week 3: Miranda

What Miranda did wrong was in the beginning with not having any information with the plan she was putting together for the loan. She had no clue with what the banker was talking about when it simply came to having collateral. No paperwork was put into play for finances, profit and loss statements or any financial issues that she may encounter. The second time she brought her partner in (her mother) who was in the same situation of being unprepared and not knowing what the banker was talking about. The third and final time she brings in her friend disguised as a new worker who then lands the deal.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 1 EOC: My Voice

Welcome all blog readers to Kelly Cucina Italiana. Let me start by explaining a little about me. I graduated the Art Institute of Las Vegas in March of 17. I am back to obtain my bachelor’s degree. My first semi-kitchen experience was when I was 12 years old. My mother was a manager at a Burger King. After closing the dining room, she would always let me come in and help cook the food for drive-thru. Mainly I was helping with inventory and putting data into the computer. When I was 15 I work at a family owned Mexican restaurant called Lucy’s. From then to now I have been with many different types of places, anything ranging from fast food, catering events, to fine dining. I have been in 2 competitions with one being The World Seafood Championship where I placed 16th out of 50. I am now a Chef de Partie at the Wynn Casino handling banquets. I want to be able to bring some of my fine dining/ sous chef skills to the table to show that I can do a great job here while working under pressure. Also, while I am back in school, I would like to show all I have learned and bring it to the table so we will continue to have great business and returning customers.